Looking for a good Chiro in the Kirribilli and North Sydney area?

Finding a good Chiropractor for you and your family can be tough. Some just crack you and you're out the door in less than five minutes, some just keep trying to get you back in, and some don't even bother to give you any exercises at all!

Our Chiros at Milsons Point Health are different. We have a bright and educated team that use the latest ways to assess and treat, and always give out exercises to stop any issues from coming back!

Our friendly team of Chiropractors help the local Milsons Point and Kirribilli community of all ages and backgrounds, whether you're an office worker with a stiff and sore neck, someone looking to improve their posture, or if you're experiencing some nasty back pain which travels down your leg. We've got you covered!

Chiropractic for the local Kirribilli and North Sydney community

What can a Chiropractor help you with?


Back Pain

We use various techniques to help treat back pain such as soft tissue therapy, stretching, manipulation, mobilisations, and exercise therapy to alleviate pain and improve function.


Neck Pain & Headaches

Stiff and tight joints and muscles in the neck can cause pain and headaches, and gently getting them moving again can help. Our Chiros can use gentle stretches and give satisfying cracks.


TMJ Jaw Pain

Clicking and painful jaws are often a sign of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, and these can be managed with special treatment at the jaw and muscles around it by our Chiropractors.



Our Chiros can screen and monitor for any developing scoliosis in children, and help provide treatment and exercises to limit further progression. For any extreme cases, we can refer you for special bracing and surgery.


Peripheral Joints

Our Chiros are all trained to manage a wide range of other musculoskeletal conditions that affect the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and foot joints too. This almost always involves some hands on treatment and exercises.


Exercise Therapy

To help maintain any gains and prevent recurrences, exercise programs are vital. Our Chiros can help teach you simple stretches, spinal control exercises, and even heavy resistance training with weights and bands.

Our Approach to Chiropractic at Milsons Point Health

What will a Chiro session at Milsons Point Health be like?

Physiotherapist Chiropractor using anatomy software to explain conditions Milsons Point North Sydney Kirribilli


Tell us your story

It all starts with our Chiros sitting down and getting to know you. We'll ask things like how your health condition first started, what makes it better or worse,  what treatments you've tried, and how it impacts your life. This helps us figure out what is going on and how we can best help. Many people bring along any previous scans they have, so we can explain in detail what they mean and if they actually matter or not.


Set your goals

People often want different things out of seeing a Chiropractor, and it is important for us to know what matters to you. This could be as simple as getting rid of pain, to getting stronger, more flexible, being able to pick up the kids easier, or complete their first running marathon. With different goals comes different treatments and we try tailor our assessment and treatment to achieving your goals.

Older lady running marathon after physiotherapy chiropractic treatment Milsons Point North Sydney Kirribilli
Physiotherapist Chiropractor measuring neck movement and pain Milsons Point North Sydney Kirribilli


Get a proper assessment

Next is a detailed assessment of how your body moves, where we measure your range of motion, the strength of the muscles, how controlled the movements are, and feel for any tightness or stiffness. We can also do some special physical tests to help rule in or rule out certain conditions so we can be sure of what we are dealing with. Sometimes we might send you off for some x-rays or MRI scans so we can have all the information we need.


Your condition explained

Understanding what is actually going on with their body is a common question people ask our staff. Our Chiros take the time to really explain your health condition using pictures, diagrams, and our anatomy software. This often includes how the condition might have developed, the examination findings, any X-rays or MRI scans you have, what treatments are available, and how effective they all are.

Physiotherapist Chiropractor using anatomy software to explain conditions Milsons Point North Sydney Kirribilli
Chiropractor treating back pain


Treatment tailored for you

We know everyone is unique and respond to different treatments, so we make sure we have a wide variety of treatments options for people to try. If you've found hands on techniques like releasing tight muscles, joint mobilisations, joint manipulations, and dry needling acupuncture, we can offer this as part of our treatment plan. We also have access to shockwave therapy for stubborn tendon conditions. For exercise options, we take your preference into consideration, and can design you a program that you can do at home, in the office, or at the gym.


Maintainence and Prevention

The goal of our management is to not see you again. Once any symptoms have settled and you're getting back to the things you want to be doing, the goal is now to maintain and prevent and future problems. This usually involves a strength and conditioning program, such as simple exercises you can do at home to keep you strong and flexible.

Physiotherapist Chiropractor giving out home exercises for  shoulder back pain Milsons Point North Sydney Kirribilli

Take a look at how our Chiros manage these common health conditions

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